Enchanting Sorrento

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast travel services

Come to discover the beautiful Amalfi Coast and the romantic Sorrento, birthplace of Torquato Tasso author of the famous “Gerusalemme Liberata”; and where Henrik Ibsen wrote “Ghosts”. Here Dino Risi choose to shoot ”Pane, Amore E ….” with the beautiful Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica. In the same town  it was shot “Un Turco Napoletano” with Totò.

The famous tenor Enrico Caruso instead lived here the last days of his life and, Still in Sorrento, Lucio Dalla wrote the famous Caruso dedicated to him. And you cannot immagine how many love stories have been consumed in this land rich in natural beauty, dreams and magic tales!

So why not come and discover some of this magic tales with us to understand what  has made to fall in love these famous people.



Discover the most suggestive spots and magical trails with breathtaking views that only our land can offer, accompanied by an instructor that will teach you how to tread the paths.


The enogastronomic tours that we offer are a combination of real masters of the dairy sector and catering aimed at enhancing and promoting to all visitors the most famous products of our beloved coast


Do you wish to learn how to prepare typical neapolitan dishes like stuffed braciole or sea bass "aqua pazza" style? learn how to make a tasty pizza sipping a good sparkling prosecco? Contact us!

Chocolate souffle' with warm soft heart

Winter is coming!! (Not only for Game of Thrones :-) )

And here there are something that will warm your winter evenings and will delight your palate!!