Extraordinary Guided Tour

San Severo Chapel Museum

San Severo

HIGHLIGHTS:           Shared Guided Tour

MEETING POINT:    Sansevero’s Chapel Entrance

DURATION:                 4 hours approx.

WHEN:                           Only two appointments a year!  One in July and the other one in August!


In collaboration with the Sansevero Chapel Museum, the new theatrical adaptation of the new format: a theatrical guided tour (“A Testament Made of Stone”) in English for tourists wishing to admire the Sansevero Chapel in an unusual and exciting way.
The new plot of the dramatized journey, through monologue and dialogue, will bring to life the figure of “Prince Raimondo di Sangro “– along with other important personalities connected to the history of the Museum – by bringing out his genius and his way of mocking ignorance, without forgetting the legends that have always surrounded him.
A veritable journey into the past, between mystery and alchemy, tales and scientific research, through that very reason that allows man to attain disillusion and rid himself of false truths. Visitors will take part in the “fight” between the genius of one man and the ignorance of the majority.
The format includes a Guided journey through the history and description of the works of the Sansevero Chapel and the underground cavea, animated by the distinctive theatricalization of this cultural event. Professional actors, in historical costume, will bring back to life important personalities in the history of the museum.

The Real Palace

HIGHLIGHTS:           Shared or Private Guided Tour

MEETING POINT:    In front of the Real Palace – Plebiscito Square

DURATION:                 4 hours approx.


Designed in 1600 by Domenico Fontana, revisited in the 18th century by Luigi Vanvitelli and renovated in 1837 by Gaetano Genovese, the palace was the residence of the Spanish viceroys, then those Austrians and, later, of the Borboni.
Finally, after the unification of Italy he was appointed Neapolitan residence of the House of Savoy sovereigns. Inside as many as 30 rooms and the older ones you will find still preserve furniture and decorations of the royal families. A curiosity: Its Royal Chapel houses a Neapolitan nativity (artistic Presepe Napoletano) carefully detailed! Its cast of “Pastori” (crib figurines) crafted by celebrated Neapolitan artists, including Giuseppe Sanmartino, sculptor of the Cristo Velato (Velled Christ) that you can find inside the Cappella Sansevero
The palace is also home to the “Biblioteca Nazionale “, its own priceless treasures including at least 2000 Papyri discovered at Herculaneum and fragments of a 5th-century Coptic Bible.

Na Voce, Na Chitarra e 'O Poco 'E Luna - From Piazza Plebiscito to Mergellina

HIGHLIGHTS:             Walking Serenade – Shared Guided Tour

MEETING POINT:     In front of the Real Palace – Plebiscito Square

DURATION:                  4 hours approx


Walking serenade under the moonlight, from the Real Palace to the port of Mergellina, places with historical signs by the king Charles of Borbone, told not only from a historical point of view and artistic, but also through the most beautiful classic Neapolitan melodies, often inspired those places, proposed again live by our storytellers, into unique scenery

Fontanelle Cemetery & Tales About The Time of King Charles of Borbone

HIGHLIGHTS:             Narrated Path – Shared or Private Guided Tour

MEETING POINT:      In front of Materdei Subway, line 1

DURATION:                   4 hours approx.


In the unique Fontanelle Cemetery, built under the reign of Charles of Borbone, we are listening history, characters, rituals and legends related to “refrisco” of souls “do priatorio” and events by an heroic period.
It couldn’t be not fit into one of our tours the ruler who gave us the famous San Carlo Theatre and the wonderful Royal Palace of Caserta or the equally beautiful Palace of Capodimonte.

Between folklore and anthropology, plague and cholera, dreams and numbers, religiosity and superstition, beautiful ‘mbriana and munacielli, to know the deepest feelings of the Neapolitans. The cemetery, dug into the tufa rock of the Materdei hill is known for the famous ritual called “the pezzentelle souls” which consisted in ”adopt ‘and then give prayers and accommodation to the skull of one of the abandoned souls (that’s why they are called “pezzentelle”) to have a heavenly protection.

Get to know King Charles and the magical Cemetery with us!