Valle degli Dei

HIGHLIGHTS:              Trekking Guided Path

MEETING POINT:       Nocelle in Positano

DURATION:                    8 hours approx.

DISTANCE:                      about 8 km

DIFFICULTY                  Medium

This excursion is the most famous of the Amalfi coast ,It seems that you are walking in the sky.!
We start from Bomerano in Agerola and continue along the Amalfi Coast, finishing in Nocelle, a small village above Positano, where the time stopped.

After the first impression of touching the sky with your hands, you will realize that you are walking through the wonderful chain of Monti Lattari (Milky Mountains), called like this for the rich vegetation used for goats, sheeps and cows.
All the milk produced was the best for mozzarella and local cheese, a local guide will point out carob trees, rosemary, blueberry bushes that grow wild in this area.

This walk does not present many difficulties since the path is quite flat, only in some parts it’s not indicated for who suffer giddiness.


Valle dei Mulini

HIGHLIGHTS:           Trekking Guided Path

MEETING POINT:    Amalfi Square

DURATION:                 8 hours approx.

DISTANCE:                   about 5 km

DIFFICULTY                Easy

With this excursion we will walk through nature and history.

The Valley of the Mills, which stretches across Amalfi, has been recognized as a World Heritage site since 1997. Amalfi‘s paper making industry was as renowned as its maritime past. It had for centuries relied on torrential rains that ran down the mountainside and into the valley behind it in order to supply the power and water for fourteen lucrative paper mills.
The Arab-inspired hydraulic system is made up of a network of mills, canals, cisterns, wells and waterwheels which begin at the Canneto torrent.

We pass several of these abandoned mills during our walk and at the same time we will appreciate typical terraced landscape with its dry stone walls and lemon trees. This walking tour will allow everyone to visit a unique area of local culture, memory and identity.
At the end of the walk a visit to the paper museum will offer a very informative tour.


Baia di Ieranto

HIGHLIGHTS:              Trekking Guided Path

MEETING POINT:       Nerano Square in Massa Lubrense

DURATION:                    4 hours approx.

DISTANCE:                       about 7 km

DIFFICULTY                   Medium

The Bay of Ieranto is one of the little uncontaminated beauties for trekking in Sorrento Coast.

The name Jeranto comes from the Greek word “jerax” that means “eagle”, looking at this bay from the top it looks like an eagle with open wings. Ieranto can be reached only by sea or walking down the path that starts from the little square of Nerano.

Walking down the naturalistic footpath it is possible to admire the Mediterranean vegetation as the olive trees, lentils and the marvellous view of the Faraglioni Rocks, Capri, Punta Campanella and Li Galli Island, and once arrived down to the beach, the interesting marine landscape the crystalline water deserves an immersion.


Punta Campanella


HIGHLIGHTS:             Trekking Guided Path

MEETING POINT:      Termini Square in Massa Lubrense

DURATION:                   4 hours approx,

DISTANCE:                     about 7 km

DIFFICULTY                 easy

This excursion starts from the little square of Termini, a small and lovely village of Massa Lubrense.

Walking down the ancient path of Venus, named like this because it was the way to go towards the temple of the goddess Venus that was situated at the end of Punta Campanella, it is impossible to miss a wonderful view of the Isle of Capri and the unique bay of Ieranto.

The beautiful blue colour of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean Vegetation will follow us all the way. In this area it is possible to find the rare “Lithodora Rosmarinifolia”, endemic plant of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

During the middle ages this area was considered a strategic position for a watch tower, (today still there) so the locals could defend themselves from the attacks of the Saracen pirates. In few ours this little path will offer wonderful views, natural beauties, history and mythology.