Shuttle service from / to Rome

Door to Door Shuttle transfers from Rome to Sorrento Peninsula & Amalfi Coast or Vice Versa

Price List

Pax N° Rome - Sorrento Rome - Positano / Praiano Rome - Amalfi / Ravello Rome - Maiori / Minori
1 € 160,00 € 180,00 € 200,00 € 200,00
2/3 € 80,00 per person € 90,00 per person € 100,00 per person € 100,00 per person
From 4 upwards € 65,00 per person € 75,00 per person € 85,00 per person € 85,00 per person

Timetable From / To Rome Fiumicino Airport & City - Service Available Just From 15th April to 15th October

Rome to Sorrento Sorrento to Rome Rome to Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast to Rome
09:30 am 04:00 am 09:30 am 03:45 am
01:30 pm 08:00 am 01:30 pm 07:45 am
05:30 pm 12:00 pm 05:30 pm 11:45 am
09:30 pm 04:00 pm 09:30 pm 15:45 pm

Timetable from / to Rome Ciampino Airport - Service Available Just From 15th April to 15th October

Rome to Sorrento Sorrento to Rome Rome to Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast to Rome
10:10 am 04:00 am 10:10 am 3:45 am
02:10 pm 08:00 am 02:10 pm 7:45 am
06:10 pm 12:00 pm 06:10 pm 11:45 am
10:10 pm 04:00 pm 10:10 pm 03:45 pm

Clients may book one or more seats in a determined type of vehicle at a pre-established departure time; in this way, the transfer may be shared with other passengers and will depart at one of the hours offered from our Customer service  and chosen by the client.

The client understands that during the transfer, the shuttle may effect short detours or stops in order to pick-up or drop-off other passengers, or transfer passengers from one vehicle to another during the trip.  Clients are requested to be at the meeting point at least ten minutes before the departure time as described on their booking.

The client is responsible for providing a valid cell phone number of at least one of the passengers, including its international prefix, for emergency communications.  If no contact number is given on the booking, it is the client’s or passenger’s responsibility to check for any eventual variations in the booking.

The company transfer and Enchanting Sorrento are not responsible for any delay or cancellation of flights and train.  It is Client’s responsibility to immediately communicate any change to Enchanting Sorrento. Pick-up times in these cases may be shifted ahead of scheduled time or delayed for up to an hour from the time as shown on the booking.  The client accepts these possibles changes in scheduled pickup times.

If the Client has booked a door to door shuttle service with a fixed pick-up time and there is a delay or cancellation of their flight, the Client will have seats on the next door to door shuttle service available. If no other shuttle service of the same type is available, a private transfer will be offered to the Client (upon availability.)

Note: the total cost will be calculated adding, to the cost of the shuttle service, the difference for the private transfer. If the Client does not accept this alternative, he will have missed his transfer and will have no right to a refund.

The customer who has booked a shared shuttle service from/to Rome FCO/CIA/CITY CENTER has to know that the minibus should stop in Naples, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Castellammare di Stabia;

Sorrento Coast (Sorrento / Piano di Sorrento / S. Agnello / Massa Lubrense / Vico Equense) or surrounding areas; Amalfi Coast (Positano / Amalfi / Ravello / Minori / Maiori) or surrounding areas.

Therefore is aware that the shuttle will also make journeys by crossing the Amalfi Coast or Sorrento to allow you to take advantage of the shuttle service to all the customers who have a particular pick-up  time.

In this case the time of pick-up / drop-off can be changed anticipated or postponed early or delayed for a maximum of hour from the time indicated in the booking and the client accepts these changes of times.

Shuttle buses leave according to our time table and the time of the pick-up can slightly vary according to the needs of all the passengers.

The company transfer will do everything in its power to arrive at Client’s destination on time, but specifies that in no case  the company transfer, drivers or Enchanting Sorrento will be responsible for any consequences suffered by the Client as a result of transfers unable to arrive on time due to circumstances beyond the control of the company not directly related to the driver, such as force majeure (heavy traffic, bad weather, unexpected road detours, accidents, police road blocks, strikes, situations in which the authorities control traffic for reasons of public safety, etc ) .

All passengers are allowed one normal luggage  and one soft hand bag  Enchanting Sorrento and the drivers  are not responsible for any items or values forgotten in the vehicle, clients must make sure to have with itself personal objects and baggages  in the moment in which leaves the vehicle and before dismissing the driver.


Roma Shuttle Service is available only on booking, it isn’t a public transportation. The confirmation is sent by e-mail from Enchanting Sorrento within the following 24hrs from booking. Departure Time is set according to the timetable and your flight/train departure time.  Booking  & Cancellations must be made within 48 hours  prior to first transfer date.  For Booking less than 48 hours depending on availability. For Cancellation within 48 hours any penalty will be applied. If Cancellation is effected less than 48 hours  prior to first date of service, no refund is available to Client and the client must pay the transfer for the whole amount but only of the first transfer booked. No-show will be paid for full.

If the Client does not receive an email confirming cancellation of the service, it is the Client’s responsibility to contact Enchanting Sorrento.
Payment usually is done cash at the end otf the ride once arrived at destination. but we require a credic card (Visa or MasterCard) as guarantee of the reservation. It’s possible to pay  by credit card Visa or MasterCard (with supplement of 3%  fees on payment).