Winter is coming!! (Not only for Game of Thrones ūüôā )

And here there are someting that will warm your winter evenings and will delight your palate!!



A small soufflè with a generous dark chocolate centre.

This is a timeless dessert that never goes out of fashion, a fragrant feast for both the eyes and the palate!

Delicate and difficult to make, a chocolate soufflè tends to fall or crack inconveniently when removed from the oven. If this does not happen, it is a triumph of elegance and contrasts between the hot, crispy external part and the melted chocolate centre.


INGREDIENTS (for six servings):


to cover the baking forms:




Break the chocolate, setting aside six pieces.

Melt in a bain-marie 150 grams of chocolate with the hot water, mixing continuously; remove from the heat and add the sugar and, one by one, the egg yolks.

Mix vigorously until the mixture is smooth and homogenous.

Whip the eggs until stiff and add to the other ingredients.

Grease six individual soufflè dishes, and then cover them with sugar. Fil them 3/4 full of the mixture.

Before placing them in the oven, delicately palce a piece of chocolate on the top of each soufflè.

Bake at 160¬į for 20 minutes.

The pastry will maintain a melted chocolate centre.


Enjoy your dessert