Enogastronomic tour


WHEN: Everyday from March 2nd to November 30th

DURATION: 4 hours approx.

STARTING TIME: 09:00 a.m. and 03:30 p.m.

PRICE:  Adult € 90        Child 6-10 y.o. € 45      Child 0-5 y.o. free

First step: Lemon Grove

Limoncello Tasting



All participants are going to taste homemade lemon and orange marmalades on homemade bread, fresh lemonade and limoncello with illustration of antique recipe.
Moreover clients will taste extra virgin olive oils: plain, lemon, orange, basil, oregano, rosemary and hot pepper on bread.



Second step: Cheese Farm

One of our top seller! the second step of the Enogastronomic tour: cheese maker with Provolone del Monaco tating More info at www.enchantingsorrento.com



Farm runs strict organic line starting from feeding animals, cheese making and finishing on home grown vegetables. The owner will present his farm.
Afterwards clients will start tasting cheese, beginning with aged PROVOLONE DEL MONACO D.O.P and passing to fresh cheese prepared at the moment like Cacciottine, Ricotta and Mozzarella adding fresh tomato salad accompanied with chilled wine.



Last step: Pizza maker


The owner and his son , of this Family Restaurant, will explain you how is Neapolitan pizza made using long lasting family recipe with use of mother yeast.
Right after it is time to put aprons on and start working already prepared dough.
With tarantella song in the background you will follow instructions how to throw pizza in the air and have lots of fun!
Later you will dress pizza with your favourite ingredients.
Two minutes in wood Owen and your pizza is ready to be consumed.
Water, wine and dessert are included.