Fishing Tours

A new way to experience the sea awaits you: our fishing day tour

Our activities are focused on the maritime traditions and ancient craft of fishermen offering an itinerary that will allow you to admire the entire gulf of Naples, Vesuvius, Capri, Ischia, Procida and the numerous fishing villages of the Sorrentine Peninsula.
Although this tour is focused on fishing, we will try to give you a taste of the most ancient customs of the local fishermen and allow you to be immersed for an entire day in this unique world. On board you will be assisted by professional fishermen who, equipped with fishing nets for various types of fish that inhabit the clear waters of the peninsula, will introduce you to some of the best local fishing techniques with the opportunity to have lunch with your catch of the day!!!
As another option you may want to consider could be a wonderful sunset cruise where you will be able to have a swim, enjoy your cocktails, and have a wonderful dinner of freshly caught fish while lost in thought looking at the beautiful sunset of our land.

Our fishing tours: an adventure to be enjoyed by all wishing to be immersed in the blue mediterranean!!

Shared Fishing Day Tour

Wish to have a special day and learn our maritime traditions and ancient craft of fishermen offering?
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Private Fishing Tours

Immerse yourserlf into a unique experience with a private fishing tour.
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