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Private Boats & Yachts Tours

Choosing our partners you will be able to rent a Private Boat or a Private Yacht, with qualified & professional staff on board to cruise wherever you like!
Our bilingual and knowledgeable Skippers are the best of the field and provide a sea experience like no other.
Spend your day relaxing while we take care of all the details for you giving you the opportunity to admire from a unique perspective , the enchanting towns of our Coastline and why not, lunch or dine aboard or in a typical restaurant suggested by our skippers.
Discover the “Pearls” of the Bay of Naples such as: Capri, Massa Lubrense, Sorrento Coast, Ischia and Procida as well as the magic towns of the Gulf of Salerno as: Positano, Amalfi, Vietri, Maiori and Minori.
You can swim privately in crystal clear water, have fun with your friends or enjoy an intimate atmosphere with your sweetheart.
Do you have a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, reunion, bachelor or bachelorette party?
We are available to work out all the details with you to make your occasion a memorable one.


Private Boat Tours

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Luxury Private Tours

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