There are numerous types of liqueurs and rosolios of different and varied tastes. Neverthless, limoncello remains the undisputed king. In every house along the Sorrento Peninsula , as well as the nearby Amalfi Coast, every family has it good supply of liquor, herb fruit and native fruits.

The amazing possibility – in some workshops and local companies –  to be able to visit the “gardens” of lemons and Citrus fruits, true open-air monuments where to walk and to enjoy a traditional Genius to protect the crops from the sea wind and weather. Cedar wood palisades, generally placed sideways, but also on top.

The first reports of limoncello date back to 1900 and are related to the Island of Capri. Since then the history of this product has grown in number and reputation. A bottle of limoncello contains flavours and odours transportable anywhere in this increasingly gourmet global village.

A curiosity: over the years, the image of limoncello has Always been served with “ice”. Wrong, of course! Extreme cold numbs our taste bruds and – in fact – does not allow to judge the quality product, if consumed at an extremely cold temperature, the taste of digestive and fragrant fruit cannot be described. It should be kept in the fridge, but never in the freezer. Try it at room temperature, especially in winter, and discover a new aftertaste that the cold up until now has forbidden…


10 lemons of Sorrento; pure Alcohol 1 l; Sugar 1,2kg; Water 1,5 l




Sources:  Secrets and Wonders of the Sorrento Coast by Roberto Pellecchia

Recipe courtesy by Giada de Laurentis